image Music is Hayley’s life. She has seen many bands play live from BVB to Rihanna to Bruce Springsteen to Bless The Fall to Taylor Swift. She cried happy tears at Warped Tour 2013 when she met her favorite singer, Andy Biersack. Little did she know she would be talking to him on Skype one year later while he was in the studio with Bob Rock recording BVB4!  Hayley is the only person EVER to get an exclusive from the studio. In Summer 2014, she flew from Boston to Cleveland to be a VIP at the APMAS, standing front stage while Andy accepted his first Skully, the night before her birthday. When the clock struck midnight, she got a Happy Birthday video from Andy emailed to her, that he recorded backstage at the APMAS!

Her music tastes are broad but rock is her passion. While watching band interviews, Hayley found the same questions being asked over and over. Her dream is to create fun & interesting interviews with questions that NO ONE ELSE is asking!!

Despite Hayley’s learning/communication disabilities like dyslexia, she works hard & shines through to make her dreams come true. After interviewing Jake Pitts, The Patriot Ledger did an article on her titled “Learning Disability Doesn’t Stand In Her Way”.  She has received messages on Twitter & Instagram saying she has inspired people to go for their dreams, and they have even written school papers about her. Hayley hopes you enjoy every minute of her interviews as much as she does!!!

Hayley is also a huge hockey fan, especially of the Boston Bruins. She lives in Massachusetts with her family.

Twitter: @AndysHayley

Facebook: Hayley Curtin

Email: HayleyRocksU@outlook.com




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Hayley. Saw the interview, and it was great!! You are so direct with your questions. Next time, ask Andy what his astrological sign is, and tell mom!

  2. Hi Hayley! If you ever get a chance to interview Ashley Purdy, please tell him I say hi. My name is Taylor, and I live in Tennessee 🙂

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